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2016 Registration Available

Although it is early...we have listened to many of the parents concerns and know that the financial burden of lump sums of money isnt always easy. So we have come up with several ways to lighten the load.  As always, we offer our Legends Loyalty program whereas discounts are applied to those families that have been a part of the Legends Family.  

As building rosters for the summer is not an easy task....we ask that returning players make their committment early, and therefore deposits and discounts apply only prior to Jan 1, 2016.  

Take a look at our 2016 plans...

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Fall Baseball

As the school year is about to begin, the Legends and Acadiana Sports are hosting their 5th Annual Wood Bat Fall League.  The cost is only $150 for 6 weeks of baseball and weekly training sessions.  Players are constantly being evaluated and trained and selected players will then travel throughout the region for a few EXTRA weeks playing against other regional teams at Colleges and Universities.

To register, go to www.acadianasports.com


Legend gets the call

Ex Louisiana Legends player Mikie Mahtook recently got the call up the Major Leagues with the Tampa Rays!  All of the past and present Legends wish him the best of luck!


Who to play for?

In todays summer market...it is competitive.  Many people are trying to influence you and your decision on what is the best road to help your son get to the next level.  We understand.

1) Look deep into the Organization.  Don't be sold by a sexy name, or locations you play.  What really matters is who is going to be advocating for your son. Who do they know?  Are they passionate about helping and do they really care about your son......or their Organization?

2) More than 90% of players sign within 250 miles of where they reside.  With this FACT...you should spend 90% of your time playing in this area.  In fact, if you are a pro prospect...scouts have regions or territories they cover.  When you leave their territory....you actually make it more difficult, not easier.

3) Why spend THOUSANDS of dollars, do the math.  Sure, people like coaches need to be compensated for their time, but when a team has 15 - 20 players (which at the High School level is the norm) many teams are simply digging in your wallet.  This also shows you what type people or Organizations you are dealing with.  Take a minute as a parent, and do the math.  

4) Make sure the Organization is one that also EDUCATES and TRAINS the athlete, not just a show and go group.  If they are constantly flying guys in, or rotating players....they are more concerned with their name (Organization name) than the players.

5) See who the Organization takes credit for helping?  Many of them take credit for Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle.  Its almost funny how if they saw a player....they helped him. 

6) If the Organization won't take time educating you the parent on the process, they won't take the time to help your son!  See if they travel to High School Games and to watch them, and if they don't....how do they truly know what the player has to offer?  I know...scary, as very few Summer Teams spend time going scout and watch their own players to know their strengths and weaknesses.  

7) Although baseball is a team sport...the summer is about YOU!  

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The Truth about Showcases

Tryout this, showcase that....welcome to the new fad.  Although becoming very common, your typical showcase or tryout could also be called "fundraiser"!  You may ask why?  Well lets point out the facts:

  1. Teams are looking for players to perform over a period of time (known as consistency).  Can you show consistency at a showcase or tryout?
  2. The athletes that stand out either throw with good velocity, show raw power, or run fast.  Everyone else (which is the BULK of all athletes) has wasted their time and money.
  3. Athletes spend countless hours waiting....for a few throws, a couple of 60 times, and a handfull of swings.  This generally takes 8+ hours.  
  4. Cost does not = the benifit.

Now there are many other flaws with todays countless number of showcases and tryouts, but an athlete would be better suited to have qualified ADVOCATES that understand the game, that can translate the tools they have, and can put them in the right place at the right time.  Here lies the major problem.  Many of the programs are run by individuals that simply can not do this.  They lack the experience!  Yes, we said it....they lack the experience!  

We are not saying that you had to play college or professional baseball, as passion to help players is the most important characteristic athletes and parents should look for when choosing a program.  Experience means to us...knowing and understanding the needs of colleges and professional teams.  

All in all, save your money!  Likely after attending any of the local showcases or tryouts....you will only get invited to more of them....such as College Showcases.  Where in reality....have an ADVOCATE or qualified person be honest with you, know your ability....and then go to the colleges where you desire to one day play that also match up with where your ability level is.  

It is ok to dream...but if you are simply dreaming....nothing will happen for you.  Have a plan, get in front of the right people....and then go to work!  It takes time and countless hours of training to hav the skills to play at the next level.  So don't put your hopes in a 1 or 2 day showcase as they simply do not work!