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Hotel Reminders

At the parent meetings, we discussed our Organization's hotel policy.  If the team your son plays on is playing at an event that is deemed a "stay over," it is mandatory that all players stay with the team.  There is one exception: IF the player resides within 60 miles of where that week's event is.  Otherwise, the player will be responsible for the Organizational Room Rates per night that the team stays at the hotel.

It is not a choice of IF, it is an Organizaitonal Policy.  We appreciate your understanding, and only when a player will NOT be making the weekend or lives within 60 miles and does NOT want a room, we simply ask that you email rooms@thelouisianalegends.com.  Otherwise, we will AUTOMATICALLY make rooms based on their attendance.




Practice Schedule

As our goal is to be able to see each player succeeding and getting better, we ask that all players read the following:

  1. It is NOT mandatory to attend our trainings, although we encourage it.
  2. We expect that when you arrive, you will be there to learn and work hard.
  3. If you have thrown the day before, or throwing the following day....we want to know!  Openly communicate as we care about your arm care.

Now, all of our trainings are done on Tuesday & Wednesdays.  

For this 1st week....they will start at 5:30 PM each day, and players will be allowed to come and get ready at 5:00 PM.  We ask that players do not just show up whenever they want, as we have coaches meetings, and we will start at 5:30 sharp....so players should be ready to stretch at 5:30!

As we get into the 2nd week and thereafter....coaches will have the ability to request "Early Work".  This is not open to all players, this is when a coach or staff sees that a player has a specific that needs special attention.  Early work will be from 4:00 - 5:00 and will only be for the players that are requested.  It will change each week as players are performing.  Otherwise, at 5:00....we will open the gates for players to begin coming in and preparing for the 5:30 training session.




Updated Schedule

Here is this year's updated organizational schedule for the summer as of 5/28.

2015 Summer Schedule


2015 Summer Rosters

Updated rosters are posted below.  Schedules are being confirmed, and we will post the updated version soon.

2015 Rosters




Parent Meetings, Uniforms and 1st Practice

Acadiana Jr & Sr Division - Tuesday 6:00 PM 5/26

Legends Jr & Sr Division - Wednesday 6:00 PM 5/27

El Sueno - Thursday 6:00 PM 5/28

Uniforms will be given out to all players that are paid in full.